Jesse Tree

Jesse Tree
District  4

Contact Information

Contact person:  Crista Beck
Phone Number: (208) 383-9486

Mailing Address:

1025 S. Capitol Blvd.
Boise, Idaho  83706

Program Description
The Emergency Rent and Mercy Assistance Program – also known as ERMA – provides a “safety net” to very low-to-moderate income families in need of short term, temporary assistance to keep them from slipping into the abyss of homelessness.  ERMA’s objective is to provide short term rent assistance (maximum $400) during a crisis period, case management and referral service, keep these families and individuals in their current housing, help them get “back on track” financially, and regain self-sufficiency within a few months.

Non Profit

 Tuesday 11am-2pm
 Wednesday 11am-2pm
 Friday Closed
 Saturday Closed
 Sunday Closed
-The person must be a resident of Ada County
-Must live in permanent housing
-The applicant’s income must fall within the 0%-80% of median  
-The applicant must have resided in current housing at least three
 months and paid three consecutive months rent on time to show
 housing stability.
-There must be a demonstrated need for assistance to avoid
 eviction, such as a job loss, illness, divorce.
-Applicant’s name must be on lease.
-Applicant must have a pay/quit or eviction notice from landlord.
-Landlord must be willing to work with agency.
-Applicant must be willing to participate in Case Management.
-Applicant must have a verifiable financial income to continue
 paying rent after Jesse Tree’s assistance.
-Housing must meet basic safety standards. A home visit is
NO Fee
Intake Procedures
Telephone, Walk-in

English, Interpreter services are available for all languages.